Upcoming Film and Video Games This Week (May 4-May 10)

It’s a quiet week with only one major theatrical release and two major DVD releases. Although, unfortunately for Dustin Hoffman, the only DVD people are going to want to watch this week is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as it the last Oscar nominated film for Best Picture to receive a DVD release. This coming weekend sees the release of the highly anticipated new Star Trek film. Even though I’m not a big Star Trek fan, I’m really not liking the feel of this film as it seems from the trailers as if it doesn’t have the same atmosphere as a Star Trek movie. Perhaps the actual film will show me something completely different. Maybe it will be the equivalent of Quantum of Solace; not so good as a Bond film but great as a stand alone action film. Maybe the new Star Trek film will follow in that direction of being a poor representation of a franchise but a great film for it’s genre.

Its the spring so its not surprising to see it being even quieter on the video game front. There are a couple of first party title releases but considering one is a remake of a GameCube game and the other is a PSP release, I doubt people will be lining up for any titles this week. Actually, the most compelling title this week is the Xbox Live download of the great arcade-like shooter Space Invaders Extreme. The game was previously released on the DS and PSP systems and is incredibly fun. Online multiplayer should make this an easy choice to buy since I can’t imagine it being that expensive. It might be the only must-own game this week unless Nintendo or Sony offers up a quality title for their download services since they keep the release list under wraps until hours before they’re made available Monday and Thursday respectively.

Movie Releases This Week

  • Friday, May 8
    Adoration (Scott Speedman, Rachel Blanchard)
    Next Day Air (Mike Epps, Lauren London)
    Star Trek (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto)

DVD Releases This Week

Video Game Releases This Week


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