Go! JETS! Go!

P1030037 The Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins are days away from squaring off in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Championships and nobody cares. Americans don’t care because they don’t even have hockey in their channel lineups anymore. More importantly it seems that Canadians are not paying attention to the action on the ice because they are more interested in the action occurring off the ice. The most important hockey drama for Canadians right now is the potential relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes team to Hamilton.

I don’t understand why this is a Canadian issue though. This certainly doesn’t effect the country as a whole. Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia already have hockey teams and I’m pretty sure most of them will only care about supporting the hockey teams in their region. The only reason why Canadians as a people want Phoenix to move is out of jealousy and grief over the migration of two teams to the United States and the NHL’s insistence of expansion into the deep south of the United States. In reality, the only people affected by Phoenix moving to Hamilton is those living in Hamilton because they’ll have a hockey team and possibly the rest of Ontario if the province decides to kick in some money to help make the bid to move the team more desirable.

What I don’t get is why Hamilton should even be considered a place for relocation. I understand that the new owner wants to move the team to that city but considering that Hamilton is already square in the middle of three other markets (Toronto, Detroit, and Buffalo) and there are several other cities that do not have NHL franchises in close proximity that have expressed interest in having one, is it really appropriate? (Winnipeg and Quebec obviously; although there have been some whispers for Halifax to get a team but I don’t know how viable a team there would be since they probably couldn’t even support a CFL franchise and the attendance figures on NHL exhibition haven’t been great…although I think I’m getting off track here).

There’s too much about Hamilton’s move here that stinks. Relocation of a team is never desirable for the fans or the league (even if it is to bring back a team that probably never should have left in the first place). There is nothing to guarantee that the move will actually make money considering that the Coyotes are still a horrible hockey team. Will Hamilton want to support a hockey team after two or three years of horrible playing? The idea of the Ontario government wanting to jump aboard to give money to help refit the arena in Hamilton doesn’t thrill me considering the economic problems the province (and country) is facing. Hamilton does not need a hockey team that bad. At the very best, Hamilton is successful as a middle-market team (like Colorado) but at the very worst, the team still takes on monetary losses and the NHL would not give a true hockey city like Winnipeg another fighting chance.

My point is that Hamilton should not be the next team to get an NHL team. There hasn’t been enough of an attempt to keep the team in Phoenix first of all. Speaking as someone who used to have season tickets of a team that no one supported that eventually skipped town, a team shouldn’t be shopped out of town because of one person. If there are people who are willing to buy the team at market price that want to keep the team in Phoenix, then they should be given the first crack. Sentimentally, the team should go back to Winnipeg but if nobody with money wants to keep the team in Phoenix, then it should moved to where the new owner want to move it.

Montreal News

Rowers are angry that the racing cyclists that used to use the race car circuit to practice at Parc Jean-Drapeau are now to be confined to the Olympic Basin. Maybe I’m tired but what does cycling have to do with the water. The coaches can’t be in the water with the rowers?

Canada News

What started off as a crisis over something to do with cancer being sexy or something, Lisa Raitt may have done something worse than what we’ve been rolling our eyes over for the last couple of days. Apparently, she inadvertently spilled the beans that money that was supposed to go towards wind energy and development ended up going towards the Clean Energy Plan which is a Conservative plan to continue to use fossil fuels but develop more effective ways to use them that would lessen the environmental impact that using such types of fuel causes. If this is true, this could cause a huge problem for the Harper government. Even though people are still concerned with the economy, many polls still show that the environment is still very important to a majority of Canadians.

Environmental News

Speaking of environmental issues, The Economist looks at problems associated with carbon credits. It’s a good idea in theory but it’s like donating money to international aid; the money donated doesn’t always make it all the way to their intended targets.



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