Peter Anthony Holder’s Stuph File Podcast #0027

Since the site is getting back to 100%, I’m going to start posting again links to Peter Anthony Holder’s Stuph File podcast. The latest one was just released today and it is a really good show. Actually, it’s probably one of the best since he’s started doing the podcast. The conversation he had with Robert Siciliano about identity theft and cyber attacks is really interesting. If you listen to the podcast and are interested about protecting yourself, here are a couple of links that might interest you:

AVG – AVG is a free antivirus software program that doesn’t feel as bloated as McAfee or Norton. It runs quietly in the background and is comparable to antivirus programs that require a paid subscription.

AdAware – AdAware is a program that detects and protects against spyware and other malicious programs that might try to infect your computer. There is a free option as well as a paid subscription which offers antivirus support as well.

As well, if you want to hear more about protecting yourself and your computer from dangerous things on the Internet, check out Steve Gibson’s podcast, Security Now, which is part of Leo Laporte’s TWIT network. Gibson is one of the most respected security experts in the field and has a website where there are several programs that you can download for free that will test to see how at-risk your computer is risk from cyber assault.


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