Golden Controversy (and some Genie Nominations)

P1010488 The controversy surrounding the celebration of the Canadian women’s hockey team after their gold medal victory at the Olympics last week is still simmering. Many Canadians think it’s no big deal and the people who are complaining are either sore losers (because their American) or are just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Here’s the thing though; if the Americans had won the game and had the exact same celebration with beer and cigars, Canadians would be up in arms. There would be an incredible backlash against the United States in this country. You’d hear the press calling for a public apology not just from the U.S. women’s hockey team but from President Barack Obama himself. It’s not ok just because Canada did it. If the United States or any other country had pulled what the Canadians did after the game, Canadians would be the first ones to complain.

The other thing is this happened at the Olympic Games. It didn’t happen at some sponsored tournament or at after the Stanley Cup. It happened at what the world considers the most revered exhibition of athletic competition. There’s a reason why the Olympics are special to many people around the world (and it’s not because of the weird mascots that the various Olympic committees come up with). Even Americans recognize how special an event it is by actually watching. Normally, people in the States don’t care about hockey. However, the gold medal game for men’s hockey was one of the top performing programs on television for all of last week.

So there needs to be a certain level of comportment at an event of this scale. It’s a celebration of athleticism and sportsmanship. There are things you don’t do at the Olympics that you would do at a beer-league game. An over-the-top celebration like what the women’s hockey team did is one of them. It’s not sportsmanlike and it does not show our country off as fair winners.

You can analyze the situation further if you want as to why they did it and if it necessary and so on but it really doesn’t matter. It’s done and there’s nothing that can wipe away the images of what the women were doing after the game. If you want to defend their actions, that’s fine. However, don’t complain when an American or another country pulls the same stunt on one of our athletes at the next Olympics.

* * *

Montreal News

The STM has announced that soon they will start to report Metro problems and delays on Twitter as they happen. That’s great but considering that not everybody uses Twitter (like me), why can’t they also publish announcements about the Metro on their website? Why not an RSS feed? Better yet, it’s 2010; what took them so long???

Canadian News

The Genie nominations were announced today. Another strong year for Quebec film with two films getting nominated for best picture although there is so controversy over the lack of nominations for J’ai tué ma mère. Polytechnique leads all films with 11 nominations. Here are a couple of the categories:


  • 3 saisons
  • Before Tomorrow
  • Fifty Dead Men Walking
  • Nurse Fighter Boy
  • Polytechnique


  • Jean-Carl Boucher, 1981
  • Paul Dylan Ivalu, Before Tomorrow
  • Joshua Jackson, One Week
  • Clark Johnson, Nurse.Fighter.Boy
  • Stephen McHattie, Pontypool


  • Madeline Piujuq Ivalu, Before Tomorrow
  • Karen LeBlanc, Nurse.Fighter.Boy
  • Carinne Leduc, 3 saisons
  • Gabrielle Rose, Mothers & Daughters
  • Karine Vanasse, Polytechnique

U.S. News

President Obama is still trying to quit smoking. Although he’s pretty much kicked the habit, he’s still on nicotine gum and takes the occasional puff now and then. Perhaps he should have thought about quitting smoking before taking on one of the most stressful jobs in the world.


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