Weekly Movie Post – March 6, 2010

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  • Jamie Gore flying solo
  • Lots of controversy surrounding this year’s Oscars…LIKE WHY THE HELL WASN’T (500) DAYS OF SUMMER NOMINATED?
  • Seriously, they picked District 9 and The Blind Side over (500) Days of Summer? I hope The Simpsons destroys the Oscars in the ratings.
  • Big news announced on the podcast about some new features coming to the site.
  • All box office info come from http://www.the-numbers.com
  • Click more to see the top 5 movies from the weekend of the 28th as well as a listing of the movies coming out this past week both in theatres and on DVD

Top 5 Films for the Weekend Ending
February 28, 2010

Rank Title $ Wknd. $ per Theatre $ Overall Weeks
1 Shutter Island $22.7 $7.6k $75.5m 2
2 Cop Out $18.2m $5.8k $18.2m new
3 The Crazies $16.1m $6.5k $16.1m new
4 Avatar $13.7m $5.6k $706.6m 11
5 Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief $9.6m $2.9k $71.0m 3

Reviews and Other Junk

Movie Reviews Post This Past Week Angels and Demons
Blood Diamond
The Da Vinci Code
An Education
Public Enemies
World’s Greatest Dad
Movie Reviews to be Posted Today Layer Cake
Paranormal Activity
Star Trek
Movie Reviews to be Posted Sunday A Serious Man
Future Upcoming Movie Reviews De pere en flic
In the Heat of the Night
Long Kiss Goodnight

Theatrical Releases This Week

New to Theatres

Alice in Wonderland
Brooklyn’s Finest

Limited Release

Multiple Sarcasms
Paper Castles
Zooey & Adam

New DVD Releases This Week

Where the Wild Things Are

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey
Gentlemen Broncos
The Penthouse
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee


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