Digi-Tiles (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP Mini)
Developed by: Sony
Published by: Sony

I was really looking forward to Digi-Tiles when it was released. I love puzzle games and I love math puzzles. To me, this seemed there was a great chance for success here. The problem is that I forgot that it was also a Sony published PSP Mini game. Not only was I disappointed with this game but it made me frustrated that I wasted a couple of bucks. Even when I dislike games, I never get angry that I spent the money on them (upset sure, but never do I feel rage). Digi-Tiles changed all that.

The premise of the game is very simple. You’re given a bunch of numbers and mathematical symbols and you have to make an equation so that the end result is zero. That’s essentially the entire scope of the gameplay.

Don’t expect anything too exciting in the graphics or sound department. The game is on par with something you’d see on the PS One. Graphics are not all that important for this game since the game screen is comprised of what looks like a bunch of numerical Scrabble tiles. The sound is ok although it can feel a little heavy after a while as the music plays on what feels like a two-second loop. The sound effects are awful though. Maybe it’s a cultural thing and the Japanese love annoying sounds but I find them grating on the ears.

The problem that absolutely kills the game is the design. While the concept is intriguing, the execution is horrible. The Challenge mode appears to on the surface to consist of 99 puzzles for the player to solve. This is not the case. While the player does need to solve 99 puzzles to complete the game, the puzzles are created at random. What’s worse is that if the player is given a puzzle they can’t solve, they can reset the puzzle to be given a completely different set of tiles. This takes the challenge out of Challenge mode since you can pick-and-choose the easiest puzzles to complete in order to beat the game.

It also feels like the difficulty curve is out of whack. While the game does add additional elements as the player progresses like more tiles per puzzle and additional types of math (like multiplication and division), there is still some inconsistency with the difficulty level of each puzzle. This is most likely due to the fact that the puzzles are created at random. Actually, it feels so random that it sometimes feels like some of the puzzles are unsolvable. If that’s the case, then the game is more broken than I thought.

Digi-Tiles is a disappointment. It had a neat concept but the game feels unfinished. It’s so awkward that it feels like an incomplete beta release. The game is getting one star only because that’s the lowest score on my rating system will allow; but even then it doesn’t even deserve that high a mark.


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