Legend of Kunoichi (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Legend of Kunoichi
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP Mini)
Developed by: Sony
Published by: Sony

Legend of Kunoichi feels like a cheap cash-grab by Sony. This is a game where they’ll make money off of poor suckers who don’t know better (and people like me who like to review small downloadable games). Calling the game shallow would be an understatement. Essentially, this game is a waste of time, money, and memory card space.

The game starts off with an interesting (albeit unoriginal) concept: hit the right button at the right time to prevent the enemies from attacking. The game could be best summed up by calling it a whack-a-mole game controlled by quick time events. The player has to press the right button that corresponds to the hole that ninjas are ready to spring out of to attack. Players get points for stopping the ninjas before they attack but they’ll lose points if they go after the purple ninjas. Some ninjas need to be hit more than once to be defeated. The game ends after around 90 seconds and the final score is given.

The graphics look ok for a mix somewhere between a PS1 and PS2 game. Although that’s not saying much since all the action takes place on one screen. The sound is acceptable too in the sense that it’s unnoticeable and not bothersome.

The problem with this game is its length. There are only two levels to the entire game (one normal and one hard). The game takes less than three minutes to play through. That means that had the game been made for the Xbox Indies service, you could play through the entire game and achieve the highest score possible (which isn’t hard because the game is not all that difficult) before the demo’s time limit would expire. It’s a shame because even though there might seem like there’s not much a developer could do with this concept they could have at least put some effort into this title. There could have been more levels, more variety in the types of enemy ninjas, the addition of different types of obstacles and hindrances, different types of power-ups, and other things that would have made this title at least worth the value of the asking price.

Legend of Kunoichi is a garbage game. It’s a cheap game that is not worth the money Sony is demanding for it. The game feels like developers didn’t care; and neither should you. Avoid this game at all costs.


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