Xbox 360 Recap Radio Show

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Microsoft E3 2010 Press Event Recap: Part One – 25 mins (11.4 MB)
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Not much surprise from the Xbox 360 event at E3. Most of it was for Natal/Kinect. It’s interesting…I guess. Microsoft decided to show off their heavy-hitting hardcore games with Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty represented at the beginning.

I had some technical issues with the second half of the show so that’s why it seems a bit short. However, I ran down the entire event before everything went haywire. If I’m a bit distracted at times, it’s because I was flooded with a few messages about the technical issue and was trying to correct things while doing everything live.

The next show will be at 6:30 eastern where I’ll be covering the EA presser. I’ll be taking to the air live on WRGT Radio to talk about the event. You can call in at (262) 672-4263 or the Skype address gametalkradio. You can also send any questions you have to and I can answer them on air.


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