New Design–Relaunch almost set

As you can see, the look of the site has been changed. I’m also working on tidying up some of the posts that seem are published but seem to be in limbo (no categories or tags). There’s also some formatting issues on some of the older posts which I’ll work on this week.

Updates will resume tomorrow (which I had said last week but am super serious this time). I’ve got some goals in mind for what I want to do with the site in the short term and long term. The main plan is to post on a regular basis which is something I’ve been telling myself to do but not doing it (mostly for good reasons). All the regular features (like the podcasts and newsletters) will resume shortly along with some new things I think most will like.

UPDATE @ 1:15PM – I’m aware of a major problem with the Video Game Review page. I’m working on fixing it. It’s a pretty big one as with this new template I can’t figure out a way to modify the tables. Either I’ll fix that particular page or redesign it completely.


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