Weekly Movie Post–January 2, 2015


Weekly Movie Podcast – January 2, 2015 <17 mins – 15.5MB>
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On this week’s podcast, I briefly discuss the potential impact The Interview may have on how we will watch new movies. I will have an article on the site later today that goes into greater detail. Also on the podcast are the box office numbers from the holiday weekend and the new releases coming out in theatres and on video.

Continue reading for the top five charts from the last week’s box office (all data coming from www.the-numbers.com). There’s also a list of all the movies coming out this weekend in theatres and the movies that were released for the home video market this week (with trailers where available).

Get well soon, Steve.

Top 5 and New Films for the Weekend Ending
December 28th, 2014

Rank Title $ Wknd. $ per Theatre $ Overall Weeks
1 The Hobbit:
The Battle of the Five Armies
$41.4m $10.7k $168.5m 2
2 Into the Woods $31.1m $12.7k $46.1m new
3 Unbroken $30.6m $9.8k $46.1m new
4 Night at the Museum:
Secret of the Tomb
$20.2m $5.2k $54.7m 2
5 Annie $16.6m $5.2k $45.8m 2
14 Big Eyes $3.0m $2.3k $4.4m new
15 The Interview $1.8m $5.5k $2.9m new
21* American Sniper $610k $153k $850k *
22* Selma $571k $30k $894k *
*Oscar qualifying run – released in only 4 and 19 theatres respectively

Theatrical Releases This Week

Wide Release

The Woman in Black 2: Angle of Death

Limited Releases

A Most Violent Year
Ratchet & Clank
The Search of General Tso
The Taking of Tiger Mountain


New Home Video Releases This Week

Wide Release

The Equalizer

Limited Releases

Elsa & Fred
Kelly & Cal
Last Weekend
Reach Me
These Final Hours


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