Weekly Video Game Post–January 3, 2015

There are going to be some major changes to how video games are going to be covered on this site. Overall, there will be a reduction in coverage (more emphasis will be put on film, running, and other things). One of the major reasons for this shift is because I find writing and spending time talking about video games too laborious. It’s no longer fun to do as a hobby and every time I’ve had to pull myself away from this site for long periods of time, I didn’t really miss it all that much. Sometimes, it was a relief when I knew I couldn’t write about video games because it felt like chore. There’s too much drama and fanboy garbage that makes writing about the industry in an objective manner more work than it needs to be.

The Weekly Video Game Podcast will remain although the news that I used to put in newsletters will be added to the podcast. With that, there will no longer be any newsletters. There will also only be a few video game reviews a month along with a few feature articles about various things anniversary articles for  Super Mario Bros. 3 and Final Fantasy are in the works). Weekly video game sales will no longer be published because they are no longer reliable (due to the increasing popularity of online marketplaces) although data released by hardware and software publishers will be discussed on the podcast whenever it’s made available.

Some may not like the changes as video games have always been a big part of the site. It will still be something covered here but in a smaller role. Since I work in a very limited role with collaborators, most of the work done on the site is done by myself. I don’t take and have refused advertising and other sources of revenue to supplement my work here. This is a hobby of mine. Certain aspects of it is no longer fun and once a hobby feels like a job, it’s time to stop. I already have a full-time job (and one that I enjoy doing way more than I like talking about video games).

The podcast will resume next week as there is very little to talk about as there was very little news and only two releases on consoles (both Nintendo Virtual Console eShop releases).

This Past Week’s Downloadable Console/Handheld Game Releases
(click title for trailers)

Nintendo Wii U Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (GBA-Virtual Console)
Nintendo 3DS Bionic Commando: Elite Forces (GBC-Virtual Console)

This Week’s Steam Game Releases
(click title for trailers)

Ancients of Fasaria: Celestias Angelica
Catmouth Island
Crunch Time
Dr. Green

Dungeon of Gain
Fake Colours
The Ingenious Machine
Pilot Brothers 2
The Race for the White House
– Shadows of War
SilverQuest: Gaiden
Star Nomad
– sZone-Online
Vintage Year
The Way of Life
– Xsyon – Prelude


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