Atari 2600

Pitfall! (MB Hall of Fame Inductee)


Hall of Fame Inductee
Original Release: 1982 (Atari 2600)
Designer: David Crane
Developed by: Activision
Published by: Activision

Platforming games were not as prevalent in 1982 as they are today. Video games back then were supposed to be quick experiences that you’d have fun with for a short period of time. This was very important for the arcades which relied on players to pump the machines full of quarters for as long as possible. Adventure games that gave the player a chance to play for an extended period of time were not good for the arcades because people would be spending less money. Home consoles started a different trend. While most people were happy to get home translations of their arcade favourites, many people wanted more from their high-priced machines. While it wasn’t first platform-based game, Activision’s Pitfall! made the genre accessible to the home market. It was fun to play and looked good, even though it was on the Atari 2600 which was a graphically inferior system compared to other home consoles and computers at the time.