Weekly Video Game Post – December 15, 2009

Weekly Video Game Podcast – Dec. 14, 2009 57 mins (25.9 MB)
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  • Jamie Gore and Chris Karpyszyn
  • Quite week in terms of activity; few games are being release and only the heavy hitters of the season are putting up monster numbers
  • Speaking of few games, there are virtually no retail releases worth getting unless you’re a small child that loves educational games
  • The VGAs were last weekend and we talk about the winners; which makes us losers for even talking about something ridiculous as the VGAs
  • Speaking of an industry that has a dumb award show to prop up sales of overhyped titles, the Screen Actors Guild wants more pay for voice actors in video games
  • All our sales data comes from
  • Continue reading for all the release dates and expanded sales figures


Weekly Video Game Post – November 9, 2009

Weekly Video Game Podcast – Nov. 9 2009 15 mins (7.0 MB)

– Jamie Gore and Chris Karpyszyn.
– Us two and thirty Helens agree that Mario will outsell Modern Warfare 2 this year.
– We take a look at the Halloween week sales.
– If you were not aware already, this is the biggest week in video games this year and we summarize it in fifteen minutes.
– All sales data is from