Crazy Taxi

Weekly Video Game Newsletter– August 20, 2010–Issue #4

Madness Brewing Newsletter Aug 20

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Here’s the latest issue of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter. It’s actually been several weeks since the last one was published so I included a bunch of sales figures and release dates from the weeks missing on top of all the info about the stuff that came out this week and how well (or horribly) stuff sold the week of August 7th (courtesy of

Crazy Taxi (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Crazy Taxi
Sega Dreamcast
Developed by: Sega AM3
Published by: Sega

Sega has a great pedigree when it comes to arcade racers. From Monaco GP to Out-Run to Daytona USA, it sometimes feels like the only thing that Sega can’t screw up is making fun racing games. Not only does Crazy Taxi follow in the same heights of greatness as the other titles mentioned but is a must-own game. Even better is that the Dreamcast version (which is the version being reviewed) is better than the arcade version. The only downside—and it’s a major one—is that even though there are a number of modes available in the game, they’re rather short. There are also graphical and sound issues. Still, Crazy Taxi is a great ride for as long as it lasts.


Weekly Video Game Post – July 2, 2010

Weekly Video Game Podcast – July 1, 2010 <90 mins (82.8 MB)>
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It’s finally up. Despite my computer’s best attempts to delete all the audio files and my house’s attempt to drive me insane by losing power in the middle of post-production, I’ve finally managed to put together this week’s Video Game Podcast. Chris and I talk for nearly 90 minutes about video game sales, the future of the industry, OnLive, and other assorted nonsense. While downloading the podcast, continue reading below for the sales charts for the last four weeks (all data comes from as well as a list of the games that came out last week and this week (including trailers where available).