Golden Axe

Weekly Video Game Newsletter– August 20, 2010–Issue #4

Madness Brewing Newsletter Aug 20

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Here’s the latest issue of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter. It’s actually been several weeks since the last one was published so I included a bunch of sales figures and release dates from the weeks missing on top of all the info about the stuff that came out this week and how well (or horribly) stuff sold the week of August 7th (courtesy of

Golden Axe (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Golden Axe
Sega Genesis
Developed by: Sega
Published by: Sega

Golden Axe is a bad game. Why Sega felt it necessary to release this along with the launch of the Sega Genesis makes no sense. While the game does show off what the system is capable of graphically (although this game isn’t giving Sonic any run for its money in the speed department), the gameplay is dull and broken. There are much better beat-‘em-ups on the Genesis and even if there wasn’t, it’s the type of game that parents should buy for their kids to get them to stop playing video games.