Gran Turismo

Excite Truck (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Excite Truck
Nintendo Wii
Developer: Monster Games
Publisher: Nintendo

If Wii owners are hoping for a Gran Turismo clone, they’ll have a lot of trouble finding one. Racing simulators like Gran Turismo rely on powerful hardware as the foundation for their high quality graphics engines. The Wii simply isn’t powerful enough. Therefore, the emphasis has to be more on a fun experience rather than one that takes a page from real life. At the launch of the Wii, Nintendo made sure that there was a fun and exciting racing experience on the system with Excite Truck. While it might not be the prettiest racing game out on the market, it’s a great game nonetheless.


Weekly Video Game Post – November 9, 2009

Weekly Video Game Podcast – Nov. 9 2009 15 mins (7.0 MB)

– Jamie Gore and Chris Karpyszyn.
– Us two and thirty Helens agree that Mario will outsell Modern Warfare 2 this year.
– We take a look at the Halloween week sales.
– If you were not aware already, this is the biggest week in video games this year and we summarize it in fifteen minutes.
– All sales data is from