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Golden Globes Recap Podcast

2015 Golden Globes Recap Podcast (24 mins – 22.4 MB)
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The 72nd Golden Globes was here and now gone. The big winners are Boyhood, Birdman, and The Theory of Everything. The big losers were the people (including me) who had to sit through that insufferable telecast. It was really bad and it was truly three hours of my life wasted. If you didn’t watch the show, you can download my recap of the broadcast where I not only discuss the winners and talk about the high and low moments of the show but I offer up some analysis as well as where we are heading as the Oscar nominations are coming out this Thursday.

There will be the usual Weekly Movie Podcast on Tuesday as well as a podcast talking about the Oscar nominations on Thursday.

For any other information about the Golden Globes, check out the page on this site dedicated to this year’s event (by clicking on this link).

The Usual Suspects (Movie Review)

Movie Review
The Usual Suspects
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Spacey
Directed by: Bryan Singer

There are times when a story doesn’t make all that much sense but the film is entertaining nonetheless. While Bryan Singer did a good job putting The Usual Suspects together, the script he was confined to didn’t give him much to work with. It’s not the film as a whole is bad; the huge problem is that the beginning doesn’t make all that much sense. It gets better by the end but it feels like too little too late.