King’s Quest

Results From the First Round of Voting for the Madness Brewing Video Game Hall of Fame (1983 and Everything Prior)

The first round of voting is over for the Madness Brewing Video Game Hall of Fame. Ten games were inducted among the introductory batch of titles. There were a few surprises; both on the side of those that received enough votes to be inducted as well as others that didn’t receive enough votes to remain on future ballots. There was also some controversy over some of the titles that did not get inducted.


King’s Quest (MB Hall of Fame Inductee)

King's Quest 

Hall of Fame Inductee
King’s Quest
Original Release: 1984 (IBM PCjr)
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Published by: IBM, Sierra On-Line

During a time when computer programmers took little risk on their projects and companies shied away from large budgets, there was little room for innovation. By 1984, on all the various home computer formats there were tons of RPG games. The text-based adventure had given way to exploration games with graphical interfaces. King’s Quest took everything one step further. Unlike previous games where the screens remained lifeless and unanimated, King’s Quest’s world was alive (or at least as much as possible with the limited technology). Not only that, Sierra and IBM opened up the purse strings and put enough money into this game to make it one of the most expensive game for its time, as well as the most labourious. It was time and money well spent as King’s Quest was one of the best RPGs of the era.


Weekly Video Game Post – Feb. 20, 2010


Weekly Video Game Podcast – Feb. 19, 2010 <60 mins (54.5 MB)>
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  • Jamie Gore and Chris Karpyszyn
  • Big announcement during the podcast today. We’re moving forward to taking this podcast life and even, possibly, maybe, taking phone calls during the show.
  • Chris and I argue about where DLC comes from…he says Santa; I say the Tooth Fairy…IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’!!!
  • Sorry if I sound exhausted, I was more tired than you think when I recorded this
  • Yay! Music is back!
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