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Duck Hunt (MB Hall of Fame Inductee)

Duck Hunt
Hall of Fame Inductee
Duck Hunt
Original Release: 1984 (Arcade)
Developed by: Nintendo
Published by: Nintendo

Duck Hunt may be one of the anomalies of the Madness Brewing Hall of Fame. It was not a game intended to break the mold of what a video game should be what Super Mario Bros. did. It was never meant to become incredibly addictive to suck away your precious time like Tetris. Nintendo had a very mechanical purpose of the game: to show off what the NES could do graphically and give the system a decent light-gun game for people to play with. However, their decision to include the game with the NES at launch made it so that most people who ever touched a NES played eventually played the game. Everyone, for the most part, thoroughly enjoyed Duck Hunt. So much so that twenty-five years later, most of us still are quite fond of the game. Call it nostalgia if you want but Duck Hunt was, and still is, a fun game to play.