Mario Kart 64

Weekly Video Game Newsletter– August 20, 2010–Issue #4

Madness Brewing Newsletter Aug 20

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Here’s the latest issue of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter. It’s actually been several weeks since the last one was published so I included a bunch of sales figures and release dates from the weeks missing on top of all the info about the stuff that came out this week and how well (or horribly) stuff sold the week of August 7th (courtesy of

Mario Kart 64 (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Mario Kart 64
Nintendo 64
Developed by: Nintendo
Published by: Nintendo

Mario Kart 64 by Nintendo might be the perfect video game. It’s fun, easy to play, fun, beautiful in its perfect balance of simplicity and chaos, and most importantly, fun. If you play Mario Kart 64 and don’t have any fun, you may be dead inside. Sure, the graphics are slightly above what some would consider rudimentary 3-D and there are plenty of other games that offer a bunch of other options way beyond what Mario Kart 64 offers but few can come close to touching Mario Kart 64 in terms of overall quality. Many of the kart racers that were released after Mario Kart 64 were akin to being a jack of all trades but master of none. Mario Kart 64 takes the core gameplay of kart racing and perfected it. Legitimately, if Mario Kart 64 is the only kart racer that you have ever played and then you play something else, chances are you’ll be sadly disappointed by the new game and go right back to Mario Kart 64.