Weekly Video Game Newsletter–Vol. 3

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Well, it took much longer than I anticipated but here’s the latest edition of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter. I should be back to having it as a weekly feature. I already have several things written for next week’s issue so it shouldn’t be a problem unless something comes up like it has the last couple of weeks.

Inside you’ll find a full review of the E3 conference that took place a few weeks ago. I also voice list the games to keep an eye out for. There are also several reviews and Hall of Fame write ups, a look at Rockstar games throughout the last couple of years, and an analysis of the first week of sales for the two biggest games of the year so far: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Red Dead Redemption. It’s a whopping 20 pages so there’s plenty of material to feast on.

The Weekly Video Game Podcast will be up on Tuesday. I spent way too much time fighting with the columns to work in Microsoft Word for the newsletter. The podcast is looking to be around 90 minutes long and is very light on E3 nonsense. It’s definitely going to be good stuff.

The Weekly Movie Podcast will be up Tuesday night supported by three movie reviews (of movies that are still in theatres!!!).

Microsoft and Sony Go Casual But Nintendo Steals E3

This article was originally intended to be included in the Weekly Video Game Newsletter last week but due to some issues (both website and non-website), the newsletter was never published. Instead of putting out two newsletters this week, I figure it would just be better to post this article online rather than as an exclusive article for a second newsletter. Therefore, there will only be one newsletter this week as usual..

There was a lot of hype going into the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). For the first time in a while it felt like all three major console manufacturers were destined to shine at the event. What transpired last week in Los Angeles was a bit bizarre. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony did not hold back and did their best to win over the confidence of both the media and consumers. The reactions between media outlets and gamers may differ but this E3 really showed that the industry is moving into two separate directions.


Electronic Arts Recap Radio Show

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Electronic Arts E3 2010 Press Event Recap – 36 mins (16.7 MB)
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E3 hasn’t officially started yet so I guess you can’t say its a failure just yet. However, on the heels of the lame Microsoft show we were served a slightly better but still lame EA show. At least EA showed some stuff off that people hadn’t heard of before (like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit). However, they regurgitated a bunch of franchises that we weren’t begging to see again (like Need for Speed).

Later tonight, I’ll be taking to the air live on WRGT Radio again to talk about the Ubisoft event at around 9:30 PM eastern and we’ll go for about 45 mins. You can call in at (262) 672-4263 or the Skype address gametalkradio. You can also send any questions you have to and I can answer them on air.

Xbox 360 Recap Radio Show

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Microsoft E3 2010 Press Event Recap: Part One – 25 mins (11.4 MB)
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Not much surprise from the Xbox 360 event at E3. Most of it was for Natal/Kinect. It’s interesting…I guess. Microsoft decided to show off their heavy-hitting hardcore games with Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty represented at the beginning.

I had some technical issues with the second half of the show so that’s why it seems a bit short. However, I ran down the entire event before everything went haywire. If I’m a bit distracted at times, it’s because I was flooded with a few messages about the technical issue and was trying to correct things while doing everything live.

The next show will be at 6:30 eastern where I’ll be covering the EA presser. I’ll be taking to the air live on WRGT Radio to talk about the event. You can call in at (262) 672-4263 or the Skype address gametalkradio. You can also send any questions you have to and I can answer them on air.

WRGT Radio News Break

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– Red Ded Redemption patch finally arrives

– Keyboards and real musical instruments coming to Rock Band 3.

I’ve started recording the news for WRGT Radio. There three to four minute snippets of the most important video game news of the moment. I’m not going to normally do a post every time I do a news break for them (which can be around two to four times a day) but the latest version of the news will always be available on demand by clicking on the banner located in the sidebar.

Madness Brewing Live – June 9, 2010

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Madness Brewing Live – June 9, 2010 <120 mins (55.3 MB)>
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Moments after the show ended tonight I received a bunch of compliments and people wanted the MP3 file of the show. Show here’s the unedited version of the show for everyone to enjoy. Chris and I had a lot of fun doing the show where we just rambled on about how great and crappy Super Mario Galaxy 2 is, how we think Natal will be a bust, how great the Move can be, and the potentially awesome games that might come from Nintendo for the 3DS (but will most likely never show up because they never support their handhelds with a major launch title so we’ll most likely see a port of Super Mario Sunshine).

I get distracted by a menu for Marco’s Restaurant in St. Laurent and we reminisce over another Marco’s Restaurant that had existed in Ste. Anne’s (the two restaurants have nothing to do with one another other than having the same name). We also get a bit distracted by the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. However, for the most part, we’re on top of our game for the entire two hours.

Just be warned though…this show is uncensored. Chris does have a bit of a potty mouth. Listener discretion is advised.

Towards the end of the show, I talk about the revised schedule. There will be both a video game podcast and a movie podcast up tomorrow (Thursday). I’m going to try to finish the video game newsletter for tomorrow but I’m not 100% confident I can do that. There will be a movie newsletter up on Friday. So two newsletters and two podcasts up in the next 48 hours. Plus tons of reviews and other assorted nonsense.

One last thing, the site will be receiving a design overhaul. It will be something similar to how the site used to look before I moved over to WordPress. It may feel a bit awkward at first since the sidebar will be moving from the right side of the screen to the left but I think most people will enjoy the new look of the sit. If not, I promise to give you a full refund to whatever you’re paying me to look at my site.

Roundtable Podcast #004 – Microsoft’s Red Ring of Fun

Roundtable Podcast #004 – Microsoft’s Red Ring of Fun  33 mins (15.1 MB)
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It may be a bit late but it’s here. Chris and I decided to discuss why two guys who both like video games do not own a Microsoft Xbox 360 between the two of them. Reliability issues, lack of innovation, and no originality are the big reasons although both of us think we’ll each own an Xbox 360 sometime in the future. We throw around ideas on what Microsoft could do to tip the scales so that either one of us will want to bust out the big bucks to buy the system.

Next week’s Roundtable Podcast we will be discussing the current handheld systems that are available on the market; the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo DS. If you have any questions or comments for us, send them to and we’ll get to them on air.

Roundtable Podcast #3 – The Problem With 10 Year Plans: Playstation 3

Roundtable Podcast #3 – The Problem With 10 Year Plans: Playstation 3 
<24 mins (11.0 MB)> – (November 22, 2009)

Join myself and Chris Karpyszyn and we look at Sony’s biggest piece of hardware (disaster) in the last while, Playstation 3. Our big issue is whether or not it was good idea for Sony to abandon the wildly popular Playstation 2 for a an overpriced system that apparently does everything. Did Blu-Ray help or harm the system’s potential?

We’ll be recording our fourth Roundtable next Sunday. We’ll be talking about the Xbox 360 and it’s notorious Red Ring of Death with the major question being: why hasn’t the Red Ring of Death killed the Xbox 360? If you have any questions or comments you want to send for us to discuss during the recording, send the messages to

Roundtable Podcast #2 – The Wii Revolution

Roundtable Podcast #2 – The Wii Revolution <45 mins (20.8 MB)> – (November 15, 2009)

Join myself and Chris Karpyszyn as we discuss the legitimacy of the Wii’s popularity and what Nintendo has done well and done not so well to have crowned it’s console the king of this generation. The concept of innovation over graphics is the major characteristic of the Wii but did it also sacrifice gameplay as well? We discuss that and other Wii topics like the Virtual Console/WiiWare service and whether it has been a boon to classic gaming or a lame duck attempt at competing with the Xbox Live Marketplace and if Nintendo can stay ahead of their competitors ambitious plans to add motion control to their consoles.

This podcast was recorded a couple of weeks ago and due to other business that I had to attend to and the fact that it took me quite a while to edit this thing together (it was really late when we originally recorded this and it sounded like we should have gone to bed instead of recording), it is only being released now. It must be noted that while listening to us complain about the lack of major Nintendo first-party titles on the Wii, Excitebike World Rally and Pokemon Rumble had not been announced nor had the demo service which just went live this past Monday.

We’ll be recording our fourth Roundtable this Sunday (the third one is recorded but it will take me some time to edit it). We’ll be talking about the Xbox 360 and it’s notorious Red Ring of Death with the major question being: why hasn’t the Red Ring of Death killed the Xbox 360? If you have any questions or comments you want to send for us to discuss during the recording, send the messages to