Weekly Video Game Post – July 2, 2010

Weekly Video Game Podcast – July 1, 2010 <90 mins (82.8 MB)>
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It’s finally up. Despite my computer’s best attempts to delete all the audio files and my house’s attempt to drive me insane by losing power in the middle of post-production, I’ve finally managed to put together this week’s Video Game Podcast. Chris and I talk for nearly 90 minutes about video game sales, the future of the industry, OnLive, and other assorted nonsense. While downloading the podcast, continue reading below for the sales charts for the last four weeks (all data comes from as well as a list of the games that came out last week and this week (including trailers where available).


Weekly Video Game Post – March 26, 2010

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Weekly Video Game Podcast – Mar. 25, 2010 <70 mins (63.4 MB)>
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  • Jamie Gore and Roberto Panetta (of
  • Nintendo is releasing a new DS…again
  • People need to stop buying war shooters. It’s starting to get absurd
  • Seriously? Battlefield: Bad Company 2 > Bioshock 2? Makes no sense!
  • All our sales data comes from
  • Continue reading for two weeks worth of release dates and expanded sales figure


Roundtable Podcast #004 – Microsoft’s Red Ring of Fun

Roundtable Podcast #004 – Microsoft’s Red Ring of Fun  33 mins (15.1 MB)
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It may be a bit late but it’s here. Chris and I decided to discuss why two guys who both like video games do not own a Microsoft Xbox 360 between the two of them. Reliability issues, lack of innovation, and no originality are the big reasons although both of us think we’ll each own an Xbox 360 sometime in the future. We throw around ideas on what Microsoft could do to tip the scales so that either one of us will want to bust out the big bucks to buy the system.

Next week’s Roundtable Podcast we will be discussing the current handheld systems that are available on the market; the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo DS. If you have any questions or comments for us, send them to and we’ll get to them on air.