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Weekly Running Post–December 29, 2014


Weekly Running Podcast – December 29, 2014 <11 mins – 10.6MB>
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Not much to talk about when it comes to running other than the upcoming season. There are a bunch of “Resolution Runs” put on by the Running Room as well as some other New Year’s-themed races in and around the area. I also say some things about winter training that might be helpful to some.

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Weekly Running Post–January 4, 2013


Weekly Running Podcast – January 2, 2014 <8 mins – 7.5MB>
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The website awakens from it’s slumber and starting things off from hibernation is the Weekly Running Podcast. I offer up details about registration for the Ottawa Marathon and the Circuit Endurance as well as a few races coming up over the next two weeks (because there are a few people who think running in arctic temperatures is a grand idea).

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This and Next Weekend’s Racing Schedule



Name of Race



Jan. 5 Kingston, ON KRRA – Resolution Run 8km 00C  Snow(~15cm)
Jan. 12 Ottawa, ON Richmond Road Races 5km, 10km -40C  Sunny