Pre E3 2012 Roundtable Podcast
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I’m having some issues with the website at the moment. I’ve been trying to upload the podcast for the better part of the day and my normal blog editor is acting up. I plan on posting a new Video Game Newsletter later tonight as well as a roundtable podcast of the Xbox 360 E3 presser (the Sony one might have to wait until tomorrow). When I get the website stuff sorted out, I’ll clean up this post and make everything more presentable. Until then, check out our predictions (we were pretty close with Microsoft with the notable exception of a new console).

Weekly Video Game Post–January 8, 2011

Weekly Video Game Podcast – January 8, 2012 <14 mins (9.5 MB)>
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  • Due to technical difficulties, this is a shorter than normal podcast; just sales and game release information
  • Continue reading for sales figures from the week of December 24th and other stuff (all sales figures come from


Weekly Video Game Post–January 3, 2012

Weekly Video Game Podcast – January 2, 2012 <69 mins (47.5 MB)>
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  • Jamie Gore and John Teodoro
  • The Top 10 Games of 2011 Podcast  
  • Sorry, Just Dance 3 did not make the list
  • Continue reading for sales figures from the week of December 24th and other stuff (all sales figures come from


Weekly Video Game Post–December 25, 2011

Weekly Video Game Podcast – December 25, 2011 <77 mins (52.6 MB)>
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  • Jamie Gore and John Teodoro
  • Podcast delivered despite being pretty awfully sick all week
  • I don’t hate Nintendo but for this podcast, I really hate Nintendo
  • Seriously Nintendo, make with the games on the Virtual Console…and bring back IPs like Pikmin, WarioWare, Advance Wars, and Kid Icarus (no, that Sin and Punishment knockoff doesn’t count) 
  • Speaking of downloadable games and hate, I really tear Sony a new one; do they not want me to use my PSP anymore?
  • Microsoft got off easy…lucky them
  • Continue reading for sales figures from the week of December 17th and other stuff (all sales figures come from


Weekly Video Game Post–December 18, 2011

Weekly Video Game Podcast – December 18, 2011 <67 mins (46.0 MB)>
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  • Jamie Gore and John Teodoro
  • First podcast in a long time. Let’s hope this starts to be a regular thing again instead of a special edition.
  • Sales are up big time due to the holiday season
  • How is the PlayStation 3 sitting atop worldwide sales for 2011? John and I talk about Sony’s 2011 in this week’s podcast
  • It’s about time people bought the 3DS. It only took a Zelda game and two Mario titles to make people want to buy the machine.
  • Continue reading for sales figures from the week of June 25th and other stuff (all sales figures come from


Weekly Video Game Newsletter – July 7th, 2011 – Issue #5

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It’s finally up. The latest issue of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter looks at what came out of E3 and just how messed up the video game industry is at this point. There is also analysis of the video game sales for June 25th as well as a quick review of all the Game Boy games currently available in the 3DS eShop Virtual Console. This issue closes with an analysis of all the Zelda games to be released in the last ten years.

Weekly Video Game Newsletter–Vol. 3

Newsletter Pic

Well, it took much longer than I anticipated but here’s the latest edition of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter. I should be back to having it as a weekly feature. I already have several things written for next week’s issue so it shouldn’t be a problem unless something comes up like it has the last couple of weeks.

Inside you’ll find a full review of the E3 conference that took place a few weeks ago. I also voice list the games to keep an eye out for. There are also several reviews and Hall of Fame write ups, a look at Rockstar games throughout the last couple of years, and an analysis of the first week of sales for the two biggest games of the year so far: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Red Dead Redemption. It’s a whopping 20 pages so there’s plenty of material to feast on.

The Weekly Video Game Podcast will be up on Tuesday. I spent way too much time fighting with the columns to work in Microsoft Word for the newsletter. The podcast is looking to be around 90 minutes long and is very light on E3 nonsense. It’s definitely going to be good stuff.

The Weekly Movie Podcast will be up Tuesday night supported by three movie reviews (of movies that are still in theatres!!!).

Microsoft and Sony Go Casual But Nintendo Steals E3

This article was originally intended to be included in the Weekly Video Game Newsletter last week but due to some issues (both website and non-website), the newsletter was never published. Instead of putting out two newsletters this week, I figure it would just be better to post this article online rather than as an exclusive article for a second newsletter. Therefore, there will only be one newsletter this week as usual..

There was a lot of hype going into the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). For the first time in a while it felt like all three major console manufacturers were destined to shine at the event. What transpired last week in Los Angeles was a bit bizarre. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony did not hold back and did their best to win over the confidence of both the media and consumers. The reactions between media outlets and gamers may differ but this E3 really showed that the industry is moving into two separate directions.


Madness Brewing Weekly Video Game Newsletter #002

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The second issue of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter is now up. It’s a bit heavy at 12 pages although that’s nothing compared to next week’s issue now that the site is back up and running as I’m working on several interesting articles. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to split next week’s issue in two and release another issue in later this week. It all depends on how busy I am.

Here’s what’s in this week’s issue:

Video Game Reviews

– Monopoly (PSP Mini)
– Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii)

Hall of Fame Inductees

– Duck Hunt (NES)

Other Features

– April Sales Figures
– Game of the Year Candidates from January 2010
– Results of First Round of Video Game Hall of Fame Voting
– Other Assorted Nonsense

Ape Escape (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Ape Escape
Developed by: Japan Studio
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment of America

We consider Mario the standard bearer when it comes to platformers. During the Nintendo 64 days, fanboys could hug their Nintendo consoles and say with pride that they had the best platformer available for that generation; Super Mario 64. Not content with stealing away most of Nintendo’s user base from the Super Nintendo days, Sony decided to make a cute looking platformer of their own. Not only was Ape Escape every bit as good as Super Mario 64, it was better. It even borrowed from Zelda which must have really sent fanboys for a loop. The action and platforming are great. The graphics, on the other hand, not so much. However, its innovative controls made this arguably the best platformer on the original Playstation.