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Dr. Mario Online Rx (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Dr. Mario Online Rx
Nintendo Wii (WiiWare)
Developed by: Akira
Published by: Nintendo

If the NES version of Tetris had multiplayer, then perhaps it would have been the king puzzle game in my house growing up. Instead, Dr. Mario was the game that caused intense battles between family members in my household as challenges were made and thumbs ached. With the exception of the Gamecube, Nintendo has ported Dr. Mario over to ever home console they’ve ever made. The Wii is no exception and it’s version of Dr. Mario, titled Dr. Mario Express Rx, is probably the best edition ever made.


Columns (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Sega Genesis
Developed by: Sega
Published by: Sega

Other than Soviet Russia, the only group to benefit strongly from Tetris is Nintendo. Even though Atari made the arcade version and various other Tetris games were available for multiple platforms, Nintendo reaped the rewards of having two of the best versions available: one for the NES and one for the Game Boy. Since Sega wanted to battle Nintendo in every genre imaginable, they did their best to try and take on the behemoth that was Tetris. Sega touted Columns as a Tetris killer. It was more complicated, had more features, and, most importantly at the time, was exclusive to Sega. Meaning, if you wanted to play Columns, you had to buy a Genesis. The problem is that Columns was such a bad game that nobody was going to spend the money to buy a Genesis just to play Columns. It played like a bad arcade port, was a horribly designed puzzle game, and wasn’t all that fun (whereas Tetris was the complete opposite).