The Top 10 Video Games of 2010

Another year, another top ten list for video games. Unlike last year where it was a bit difficult to come up with a top ten list, this year there were only a few titles that I feel one could argue could have made this list that aren’t on my list. Actually, I was not too surprised that Screwattack had nine out of the ten games I picked on their top ten list. Additionally, Gametrailers only had a top five but all five were games from my top ten list. Even though my list is being published last (I usually publish it on New Year’s Day), the list has essentially been in the bag for almost two weeks now. Had I published it earlier, I could have accused other sites of ripping me off. However, I think it’s because there were very few MUST OWN!!! games this year that it’s no surprise that there is quite a bit of consensus across the Internet. The last couple of years there has been major differences between the lists of most outlets. Now, it almost seems unanimous.

There will be a special Weekly Video Game Podcast posted tomorrow featuring myself and Chris Karpyszyn where we’ll look at the list and discuss it. There will be a supplemental podcast on Monday where we quickly talk about this list and compare it to the previous years. The second podcast almost didn’t exist as we were wrapping up the first one and then we started talking about the last year and the year before that. Before I knew it, we had talked for half-an-hour. Once the podcasts are posted, they’ll be linked to on the front page as well as this article.

Whether you agree with this list or hate it, say something about it. Leave a comment at the bottom or send me an e-mail at and I’ll read your comments during the next Weekly Video Game Podcast,


Weekly Video Game Newsletter–Vol. 3

Newsletter Pic

Well, it took much longer than I anticipated but here’s the latest edition of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter. I should be back to having it as a weekly feature. I already have several things written for next week’s issue so it shouldn’t be a problem unless something comes up like it has the last couple of weeks.

Inside you’ll find a full review of the E3 conference that took place a few weeks ago. I also voice list the games to keep an eye out for. There are also several reviews and Hall of Fame write ups, a look at Rockstar games throughout the last couple of years, and an analysis of the first week of sales for the two biggest games of the year so far: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Red Dead Redemption. It’s a whopping 20 pages so there’s plenty of material to feast on.

The Weekly Video Game Podcast will be up on Tuesday. I spent way too much time fighting with the columns to work in Microsoft Word for the newsletter. The podcast is looking to be around 90 minutes long and is very light on E3 nonsense. It’s definitely going to be good stuff.

The Weekly Movie Podcast will be up Tuesday night supported by three movie reviews (of movies that are still in theatres!!!).

WRGT Radio News Break

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– Red Ded Redemption patch finally arrives

– Keyboards and real musical instruments coming to Rock Band 3.

I’ve started recording the news for WRGT Radio. There three to four minute snippets of the most important video game news of the moment. I’m not going to normally do a post every time I do a news break for them (which can be around two to four times a day) but the latest version of the news will always be available on demand by clicking on the banner located in the sidebar.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Nintendo DS
Developers: Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games

If there’s one thing that the Playstation 2 taught us was that we were too lenient on games during the Playstation One/Nintendo 64 era. Grand Theft Auto is a great example of games that weren’t that great during the PSX days but were tolerated to a certain degree. However, the series hasn’t looked back since its jump into the 3D realm during its tenure on the Playstation 2. Once anyone had played GTA 3, they couldn’t go back to the clunky overhead perspective used for the first two games of the series. Rockstar wanted to publish a game on the world’s most dominate system, the Nintendo DS, but it’s not as powerful as the original Playstation, let alone the Playstation 2. The first trailers of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars show us that Rockstar was planning on bringing the series back to an overhead perspective. Many were sceptical. However, the company probably saw the problems from its past and surprisingly turned out the one of, if not the best game in the entire series.