Russel Dawe

Paperboy (MB Hall of Fame Inductee)

Hall of Fame Inductee
Original Release: 1984 (Arcade)
Designers: Carl Bedard, John Salwitz, Dave Ralston, Russel Dawe
Developed by: Atari
Published by: Atari

It could have been the superior graphics or the fact that the main character had characteristics that were similar to the people playing the game (during their adolescence), however, Atari’s Paperboy probably achieved its great success because of its input interface. Instead of joysticks or buttons on a console, the game was controlled with a pair of handlebars. Before arcade games began to rely on gimmicky input devices to survive, Paperboy‘s handlebars were something special. The game itself was something exceptional because it looked great and was fun to play. There’s good reason why this game was ported to practically every home console and computer system during the 80s.