Weekly Video Game Newsletter – July 7th, 2011 – Issue #5

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It’s finally up. The latest issue of the Weekly Video Game Newsletter looks at what came out of E3 and just how messed up the video game industry is at this point. There is also analysis of the video game sales for June 25th as well as a quick review of all the Game Boy games currently available in the 3DS eShop Virtual Console. This issue closes with an analysis of all the Zelda games to be released in the last ten years.

Dr. Mario Online Rx (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Dr. Mario Online Rx
Nintendo Wii (WiiWare)
Developed by: Akira
Published by: Nintendo

If the NES version of Tetris had multiplayer, then perhaps it would have been the king puzzle game in my house growing up. Instead, Dr. Mario was the game that caused intense battles between family members in my household as challenges were made and thumbs ached. With the exception of the Gamecube, Nintendo has ported Dr. Mario over to ever home console they’ve ever made. The Wii is no exception and it’s version of Dr. Mario, titled Dr. Mario Express Rx, is probably the best edition ever made.


Tetris (PSP Mini) (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP Mini)
Developed by: EA Mobile
Published by: Electronic Arts

Tetris, in theory, would seem like a hard game to screw up but every year we are witness to a few horrible versions of the game. However, EA did an incredible job with their PSP Mini version of Tetris. The game plays extremely well. In fact, this is the best handheld version of Tetris since Tetris DX came out for the Game Boy Color in 1997.


Tetris DX (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Tetris DX
Game Boy Color
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

Tetris is probably the most famous electronic puzzle game in the world. The pride of Soviet Russia, Tetris has swept the world by storm. Even though The Tetris Company has strict guidelines as to what can be done in any iteration of a Tetris game, hardcore Tetris fanatics have argued that the newer games make things easier which dilutes the game. Back before you could hold items and other gimmicks, you had basic Tetris which allowed only for the player to view the next block and that’s about it. The Game Boy made its name because Nintendo was smart enough to give a version of Tetris away with the system as a pack-in title. Years after the initial release, Nintendo re-released Tetris for the Game Boy Color. Nintendo’s Tetris DX’s refinements were small in number but big in importance. This is the best version of Tetris outside of an actual arcade cabinet.