Weekly Video Game Post–August 6, 2012


Weekly Video Game Podcast – August 6, 2012 <39 mins (36.2 MB)>
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  • We all know that the Wii is in lame duck mode but what’s the Xbox 360 and the PS3’s excuse?
  • Don’t worry; Madden comes out in a few weeks and then it’ll be September and there will be lots of video game news to talk about
  • Continue reading for sales figures from the week of July 21st and 28th and other stuff (all sales figures come from www.vgchartz.com)


Weekly Video Game Post–July 21, 2012

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Weekly Video Game Podcast – July 21, 2012 <27 mins (24.9 MB)>
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  • It’s the summer and post-E3 so there’s not much going on in the video game industry
  • On the podcast I talk about the 3DS XL and why, for maybe the dumbest reason, it is not a good idea to buy the system
  • Continue reading for sales figures from the week of July 14th and other stuff (all sales figures come from www.vgchartz.com)


Dr. Mario Online Rx (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Dr. Mario Online Rx
Nintendo Wii (WiiWare)
Developed by: Akira
Published by: Nintendo

If the NES version of Tetris had multiplayer, then perhaps it would have been the king puzzle game in my house growing up. Instead, Dr. Mario was the game that caused intense battles between family members in my household as challenges were made and thumbs ached. With the exception of the Gamecube, Nintendo has ported Dr. Mario over to ever home console they’ve ever made. The Wii is no exception and it’s version of Dr. Mario, titled Dr. Mario Express Rx, is probably the best edition ever made.


Weekly Video Game Post – May 17, 2010

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Weekly Video Game Podcast – May 17, 2010 <97 mins (88.4 MB)>
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Here’s the latest Weekly Video Game Podcast. The lists of sales and trailers for the new games will be up later. I’ve got to head out and go from my house which is in the middle of the island of Montreal and go from towards one end of the island and then backtrack toward the other end of the island. It’s going to be a long day but I’ll do what I can when I get back.

Also on the podcast is an interview with Matthew Doucette of Xona Games. If you’re into indie games or downloadable games in general, you need to listen to this podcast. Matthew also talks about their current game, Decimation X as well as their upcoming award-winning game, Duality ZF.

Check out the site for Xona Games as well as the site for Duality ZF. Also don’t forget to check out the Xbox Marketplace area for Decimation X.

Tetris Party (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Tetris Party
Nintendo Wii (WiiWare)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Tetris Online

It’s hard to screw up a Tetris game but Hudson and Tetris Online have managed to do just that. Tetris Party for WiiWare is a less challenging version of Tetris that has graced previous Nintendo consoles. Aside from a weaker version of the standard puzzle game, the online component is horribly executed. Overall, the game is a letdown.


The Top 10 Games of 2009

It’s the end of the year of an old year and a beginning of a new one. After getting together with a bunch of gamers (both hardcore and casual), here’s our list for the “Top 10” games of 2009. The list is only in alphabetical order so don’t get feisty because Assassin’s Creed 2 is at the top and Uncharted 2 is at the bottom. The qualifications for a title to be part of this list was that it had to have had sales of at least 250 000 units in the Americas on at least one single system (according to sales website http://vgchartz.com) through Dec. 19, 2008. The reasoning for titles to be excluded under 250k in sales is that even that critics might love a game but if a game isn’t well received by the mass market, then it’s hard to call it a top game (which hurt a lot of Wii games since there were several people who voted for this list who wanted to vote for games like Silent Hill: Scattered Memories and Madworld). This list is about the Top 10 games that everyone enjoyed, not just the critics.

Like the list? Hate it? Leave a comment because no list is perfect and any discussion is welcome.


Frogger Returns (Video Game Review)

Video Game Review
Frogger Returns
Wii (WiiWare)
Developer: Hijinx Studios
Publisher: Konami

Frogger is considered a legendary arcade title. Like many of its early arcade compatriots like Missile Command and Centipede, Frogger has had trouble sustaining itself as a viable franchise after home consoles became popular. Frogger had simple yet addictive gameplay which could be easily replicated on a home system but had trouble competing against games which offered more complex gameplay and more detailed design. Frogger Returns brings the series back to its roots: get the little frog from point A to point B. The graphics are slicker and the game design is a little more complex but as interesting a title this is, it still has trouble keeping up with the original.


Roundtable Podcast #2 – The Wii Revolution

Roundtable Podcast #2 – The Wii Revolution <45 mins (20.8 MB)> – (November 15, 2009)

Join myself and Chris Karpyszyn as we discuss the legitimacy of the Wii’s popularity and what Nintendo has done well and done not so well to have crowned it’s console the king of this generation. The concept of innovation over graphics is the major characteristic of the Wii but did it also sacrifice gameplay as well? We discuss that and other Wii topics like the Virtual Console/WiiWare service and whether it has been a boon to classic gaming or a lame duck attempt at competing with the Xbox Live Marketplace and if Nintendo can stay ahead of their competitors ambitious plans to add motion control to their consoles.

This podcast was recorded a couple of weeks ago and due to other business that I had to attend to and the fact that it took me quite a while to edit this thing together (it was really late when we originally recorded this and it sounded like we should have gone to bed instead of recording), it is only being released now. It must be noted that while listening to us complain about the lack of major Nintendo first-party titles on the Wii, Excitebike World Rally and Pokemon Rumble had not been announced nor had the demo service which just went live this past Monday.

We’ll be recording our fourth Roundtable this Sunday (the third one is recorded but it will take me some time to edit it). We’ll be talking about the Xbox 360 and it’s notorious Red Ring of Death with the major question being: why hasn’t the Red Ring of Death killed the Xbox 360? If you have any questions or comments you want to send for us to discuss during the recording, send the messages to madnessbrewing@gmail.com